When do you decide it’s your last battle and time to do YOU?

When it comes to letting go, there’s never THE RIGHT TIME to do it, there’s no sign flashing at your eyes and there’s no guarantee that it will be the right choice. However, something deep down our hearts knows it’s right. Our hearts stick with us through every disappointment, through every “I don’t deserve this…, but maybe I’m just looking at it the wrong way and it’s all in my mind and I have to change my perspective.”, through all the times you burst into tears questioning yourself because the one who’s supposed to love you the most doesn’t act like it and doesn’t make you feel the way they should: no uncertainty about your preciousness and your value.

Letting go of someone you love more than your well-being is extremely hard, yet extremely necessary. You can’t make someone show you the kind of love you need when you don’t show up for your self-care tasks. Loving yourself is not putting up with unnecessary drama, it’s not letting other people decide about where you should be going or what you should be doing, it’s not having a forgiving heart that lets people with no right to walk all over you do it, it’s not not saying “No, I’m done.” because maybe this time it’ll be different. Things don’t change unless YOU change. The power has been within yourself the whole time but you have been so damn busy trying to get it from someone else’s hands that you have constantly found yourself walking through “Disappointment street” with a loving heart aching for the lack of understanding, gentleness and empathy of the world.

The bad news is that you can’t change people’s outcomes, but you absolutely can choose your beginnings. It is one of the roughest paths but it assures a great ending. Building yourself and getting through the times of self-doubt where it is tempting to run back to what shattered you in pieces is a very rewarding feeling. DO NOT let people mess around with your head. Know that when it’s right, you’ll know. Know that when it’s not, you’ll be confused.

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