Why can’t I live a “no fucks given, 0 feelings” life?

It seems as if these days vulnerability and empathy were just disadvantages on getting someone to like you or be interested in you. Wrong.

In today’s generation, everyone is trying their best to polish their appearance, to make themselves look good in every situation and to get used to snapping out of any setback that may come their way. “No feelings attached” is not a way of living. It’s cool when you hear it in songs. You feel like a badass for five minutes but then you’re thrown into reality once again. There’s no healthy way of living like that. Even when you are 100% happy with yourself, your life and your achievements, you still need other people. Well, maybe not need, but you WANT people to stick by you in those situations. To be happy FOR you, which seems like a rare thing to do now that it’s more common to talk trash and secretly wish unhappiness to “your friends” than it is to genuinely support them through everything they experience.

Let yourself feel every ounce of pain, every misfortune, every “I don’t know why this is happening to me. I don’t deserve this.”, every mistreatment. Bad things and obstacles take us to places perfectly tailored for our growth. It rains for a while and some days it feels like the clouds are above your head to stay forever. They’re not. It means you’re changing, which is challenging, uncomfortable and hard to accept. The storm has to be felt inside of you. You have to sometimes feel your heart being ripped out of your chest to feel like sunshine again. It’s not about getting hurt and coming back giving 0 fucks. It’s about looking for your highest good and still looking after other humans. Caring and protecting others is true love and being selfish with your needs is too. Know when it’s right to act on something and when you have to walk away.




The images belong to sarahbahbah.com


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