Getting rid of all the bullshit on your social media.


Today’s society is constantly changing. You can delete someone from your life at the same speed that you add someone new. In just one click you have made a life decision. We erase from social media those who hurt us in order to not suffer any longer, yet we want to be updated on what they’re doing, just in case they’re doing better. Are we afraid of them moving on faster than us? Do we want to see how our absence is affecting them? Do we even want to see them hurting for what they did to us? Why do we put that enormous amount of pressure on ourselves?

Social media affects us in all ways, even if we develop the thickest skin. We follow people who does us no good because keeping up with what they’re doing while tricking our minds into believing that there’s no act of comparison in what we’re doing is easier than owning up to our own shit. Why don’t we JUST LET GO?

We’re supposed to be following what feeds our head with good stuff, what inspires us, the things that make us smile because we feel fulfilled. Instead, we keep having a conversation between our soul and our mean girl where the first one wants to free ourselves so badly from all the bad influences but the second one tells us that we CAN’T just unfollow the whole bunch of people who has been there since our first ugly and wrong filtered picture. It’s hard to take back your control over such stupid things when you’re basically being told every day that that is the “normal” way of living. We know better. We have to know better.


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