Looking at fear straight in the eye.


“Bravery is not the absence of fear. Bravery is feeling the fear, the doubt, the insecurity and deciding that something else is more important.” – Mark Mason

I can’t recall all the times I didn’t do something convincing myself that I just didn’t feel like it and that it was okay, but really it was just tremendous fear creeping on me. We have to be BRUTALLY honest with ourselves. We may have the ability to fool others, but we definitely can’t sugarcoat the truth to our own minds. It just doesn’t work no matter how hard we run from what’s really stopping us. Problems don’t evaporate until we solve them.

Being a sometimes extrovert, sometimes introvert is no fun. The easiest act in some situations can be the scariest one in others and the harsh truth is that you can have the most accurate words or act the most believable way, but your vibe speaks for you. You can’t outsmart your body language. You only speak confidently when confidence speaks through you. “The eyes chico, they never lie.” The eyes are the ones who hold the truth.

The sooner you realize that nobody cares about your insecurities, the sooner you’ll start facing them. Your fears don’t get you a free-pass to where you want to get without having to do all the dirty work required first. They are not an excuse nor your worst enemy. They are what gets you to where you had wanted to go all along and didn’t because of all the incapability bullshit you told yourself. Get real with yourself and start making things happen.


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