Days where you’re just not good enough.


Not being enough is a concept more established in our society than what we would like it to be. The worst part comes when it’s a temporary feeling that you have to ignore with all the will left in yourself. Like in those bad days where you feel ugly and unworthy. The day after you were feeling great about yourself and now everything crumbles around you and every single thing is just “NOT OKAY”. It’s not even bad. It’s not even sad. It’s just not okay.

The funny thing is that you don’t have a clue about what you mean with “not okay”. Is it a state of being established by whatever that’s bothering your mind in that specific moment? What has changed since yesterday where you were feeling yourself to the point were nothing could steal that peace of mind? All the things you felt capable of doing and achieving can’t no longer be considered, because you’re just not good enough.

We see famous and successful people who make everything seem so damn effortless in our eyes that we wonder why we can act like that and why we don’t go full-force everyday. Why don’t we wake up super motivated every morning. Why we don’t feel like doing what we’re supposed to be extremely excited to do. Why. Why. Why.

There’s no concrete answer to those questions but to remind ourselves that people who have their smiling faces on a billboard, models who write on their social media what a kick-ass workout they had today, entrepreneurs who have huge houses and their bills paid, people who preach having a care-free life, etc. have bad, horrible days too where nothing makes sense. It’s something human. You can’t always feel like a superhero and neither will you feel like crap forever. Just breathe and have trust in something bigger than the bullshit you’re telling yourself why you’re not good enough. You are.


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