You claim to lover her, yet you show no signs of what loving someone is. You say she is what you need, yet you turn to other people to fill the spaces within your being. You say you take good care of her, yet she doesn’t know about your dark side. You say you’re broken, yet you don’t let yourself bleed to heal. You say you’re tired, yet you live in a vicious circle. You want to escape so bad, yet you have chains around your feet hooked on your comfort ground. You say you need me, yet you drown me to lift yourself up. You say I’m extraordinary, yet it is too much for you to handle. You say you want big things, yet you settle for the most average. You run around in circles looking for the solution to your sadness, yet it is your circumstances that make you sad.

She lives in a fairytale, yet she hasn’t read the whole story. She thinks of you as superman, yet she doesn’t know about all your dirty work. She believes you adore her, yet you don’t have to work hard for her love. She says you do work hard, yet you know all the tricks to make her stay. She gives you every part of her heart, yet she doesn’t know your heart isn’t exclusively hers. She carries thousands of scars in her soul, yet the wounds were there because of you. She hopes one day you’ll change, yet she keeps settling for the pieces you choose to give her. She wants to show the world how happy you two are, just in case what she fears is actually reality.

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