Celebrate Yourself

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.” – Maya Angelou

e80ba259d5dd184c87668d6a4561e320When achieving whatever it is you have on your mind, you’re told to keep moving forward, not to look back (“it’s the past anyways”), not to dwell on what you were, what you wanted to be and what you actually are now. We think we don’t make any progress because we never stop to take a breath and reflect on how far we’ve come along the way.  It is only the big changes that we notice, but it is the daily routines that matter: the acts we should be proud of. Everyday, we grow, we shift our perspective, we adjust our behavior and we change small things that no longer serve us. Combining all those actions, we get tremendous change without even noticing. Overall, we operate differently.

Sometimes we also get overwhelmed by all this and don’t act properly towards it. We don’t celebrate it. We feel good about it, but we tell ourselves that just because we’ve come this far, we must get better. There’s no getting better without enjoying your present self. There’s no progress without current satisfaction. There’s not well-being without moments to celebrate our victories. It’s not being overly-confident about what we do, it’s loving ourselves so deeply that there’s no room for bad old ways.

There’s nothing wrong with “me time”, there’s no selfish act in not going to all the social events because you need time for your mind to distress and get back into being focused on being your best self. By celebrating yourself, you celebrate others. It means vibrating in your highest rate which can only lead to making others want to vibrate at such high level too.


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